I develop ideas and look for forms and media that suit them. I like the medium to leave breathing room and be capable of adapting to the idea. The main thing for me is that they remain alive and come to be useful. It does matter how small or apparently insignificant they may be: what matters is that they form part of a single whole. Big ideas are built up bit by bit by joining many small ones together. It is not their size that matters but what you are capable of doing with them. 


Take a wander through the examples of my work on show in the Gallery, a space from where my work grows out towards other areas.


If you are looking for something special, here you can find prints, original drawings and crafted dedicated box sets to take home. 

short stories

Short stories in which I seek to present different, somewhat unusual viewpoints of everyday objects. I use the language of comics to tell these tales.


I was born in Madrid in 1982. I completed my Grado Superior de Ilustración [“Higher Level Course in Illustration”] at Escuela de Artes y Oficios Nº10  [Arts & Crafts College

nº 10] in Madrid in 2004. Apart from illustration, for many years water has been an important part of my life in both work and leisure, as I give classes and train swimming teams.