I was born in Madrid in 1982. I completed my Grado Superior de Ilustración [“Higher Level Course in Illustration”] at Escuela de Artes y Oficios Nº10 [Arts & Crafts College nº 10] in Madrid in 2004. Apart from illustration, for many years water has been an important part of my life in both work and leisure, as I give classes and train swimming teams.


I began to work as an illustrator in 2005 with a wide range of customers and commissions, from comics through character designs, logo designs, T-shirts, illustrated albums and textbooks. From 2005 to 2010 I worked with the APIM (Madrid Professional Association of Illustrators). This helped me a great deal to acquire a broad awareness of the profession and learn how things were done at other associations in Spain. I represented the APIM as a member of the jury at the 2008 Lazarillo awards. In that same year and in 2009 I curated the exhibition is by illustrators at the 32nd edition of the Children’s and Young People’s Book Fair [Salón del Libro Infantil y Juvenil] in Madrid and the subsequent publication.

I have also experimented with cinema, directing one of the sequences in the short film Idóneas [“Ideal”] in 2009. I shared this great experience with Manuel Menchón.


My path as an illustrator continued at the Gredos San Diego Las Suertes school, where I worked with the Marketing Department, while at the same time teaching swimming. This was a very enriching time for me personally and for my career. After five years at the school I decided to resume work as a full-time illustrator and put all my efforts into my own projects, based on a new, more mature structure.


In July 2015 I was selected as the winner of the "Pato Pollo" contest staged by publishing house Edelvives at the 8th edition of Ilustratour in Madrid. I am currently working on an autobiographical novel and learning about new markets where there may be a place for my work and my way of communicating through my illustrations. 


For three years now I have been doing middle-distance triathlons, which are great fun. I enjoy training and find that it helps my mind to work and rest when necessary.


In December 2015 I took part in a collective exhibition at the MAD IS MAD Gallery in Madrid together with my colleagues Cecilia Moreno, Manuel Marsol, Daniel Montero Galán and Daniela Martagón. The exhibition was very well received and is still proving to be a basis for opening up future projects.

In September 2016 I worked with Ecoembes and the digital journal El Asombrario on an environmental awareness and friendliness campaign under the name ILustrísimo Planeta [”Illustrious World”], accompanied by Olga de Dios and Joaquín Secall.


In October 2016 the publishing house Lata de Sal Editorial published my illustrated album Mañana todo el día [”All Day Tomorrow”], for which I did both the text and illustrations.


December 2016 so the start of another collective exhibition at MAD IS MAD in which I took part together with Natascha Rosenberg, Ximo Abadía, Pilar Barrios, Esther Gómez and Olga de Dios.


I also have an individual exhibition at the PANTA RHEI bookshop in Madrid, featuring studies and final originals from the Mañana todo el día [”All Day Tomorrow”] project published by Lata de Sal Editorial. 


In March 2017 Nubeocho Ediciones is due to publish an album in which I have illustrated texts by José Carlos Andrés, called Un Avestruz con mucha luz [”An Ostrich in Bright Light”].