This illustration represents three conditions in which we may find ourselves in the course of our lives.  

I use ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR to describe these conditions. ONE is singleness; it is strength and solitude; it is the cold feeling of being alone. It is the strength of feel that you are ONE. TWO is sharing; it is growing and learning together. It is being able to give someone a good morning kiss when you wake up. THREE is the uncomfortable number, the number that we are reluctant to learn about; the number that sometimes appears without our knowing whether it has come to help or to spoil our TWO. FOUR is a set of four ONEs, it is selfish but sincere.

They do not want commitment and they live life intensely. Here it is hard to make a TWO, but you never know.


Format 100cm x 70cm

Brushed-on Indian ink, collage and liquid watercolour.
















That dark part of us that we must learn to live with. In this illustration the monster needs to get out and needs to have its say. How can it be controlled? Should we control it or let it out? It is after all an important part of our selves. 


Format 100cm x 70cm

Brushed-on Indian ink and white liquid watercolour.






This picture is about couples of lettuces and how they get along with each other, what things they like to share and what their day to day lives are like. 

However there is one couple of lettuces that have trouble finding each other and being together. A great mountain range lies between them. One of them decides to climb it and wait at the top, but the other is not sure what to do and stays where it is. When winter comes the lettuce at the top of the mountain freezes, and meanwhile its partner continues to wander what to do. 

Lettuce stuff...


Format 100cm x 70cm

Brushed-on Indian ink, collage with coloured acetates and liquid watercolour.






This illustration depicts the three possible paths that exist when there is a conflict. 

The Fearsome Bear: this is aggressiveness and uncontrolled rage; it is the force that spurs you on you when you feel you can go no further. The river carries everything before it and the clear water left behind eventually calms the Fearsome Bear.

The Speckled Egyptian Vulture: the Speckled Egyptian Vulture takes off from the tree tops. From way up there things look very different.

The Mouse with the Striped Belly: always looking for the best strategy on solid ground.


Format 100cm x 70cm

Brushed-on liquid watercolour and collage.



When a black wave rolls in it is time to grab it and go. It is a time when some things change and you must swim in a different direction.




Format 50cm x 70cm

Indian ink, felt-tip pen and liquid watercolours.



We all need a good start to the day, whether that means a hearty breakfast, a hug or a good shower to give us the energy to get the day going.


Fishes with coloured water, filling the shower with colour.


Format 50cm x 70cm

Black ink and brushed-on liquid watercolours



Water, the river, which carries everything away, which washes away many things that no longer need to be with us.

Water, always on the move, always changing. This is an element that I like very much, because it helps me describe things that I do not understand.

I can finally see the fish swimming in the river!


Format 50cm x 70cm

Indian ink, liquid watercolour and collage with coloured acetates.



We always want things to move fast; we want the trees to bear fruit quickly and fail to realise that things need time to ripen if they are to turn out well. 


Format 50cm x 70cm

Black ink and brushed-on liquid watercolours.




When everything is dressed up in fine words and good manners; when everything turns out to be false and the days that we live through are a lie.

People who play with, manipulate and sometimes unconsciously offer others things that they cannot really give or share.

Summer 2014 was somewhat complex.


Format 50cm x 70cm

Brushed-on Indian ink, coloured inks and liquid watercolour.



What happens to the things that have marked our lives?

Each house in this illustration represents an important point in my life, a relationship that I have learned from, a situation that was special to me and that serves to help me move forward and make what is yet to come better.

This is one of the first illustrations that saw the light of day after a long period of lethargy and isolation from the world of ideas in uncluttered, open spaces.


Format 50cm x 65cm

Brushed-on coloured inks, Indian ink and liquid watercolour.



Do we know how to find calm when there is noise all around us?

Too much noise, too many complications; everything becomes confused and tense. Where can I go? I cannot escape, but I need peace and quiet and somewhere I can breathe and try to find a little calm. 

Sometimes I think that we aren to capable of finding such places; that we just hang on and do not know how to stop in order to continue moving forward, and moving forward well. 


Format 50cm x 65cm

Coloured inks, liquid watercolour, fine and coarse brushed-on Indian ink.