I'm from Madrid, I was born in 82. I'm restless of mind, observer and my map in life is guided by my intuition, my emotions and do what makes me feel good and satisfied with myself.


I have two very marked facets throughout my career: teaching in the aquatic field and graphic creation as a vital need, and form of expression towards the environment that surrounds me.


In my professional artistic career, I studied at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios Nº10 in Madrid, back in 2004. Since then I have worked with many types of projects, perhaps that is why my work is not defined in a specific sector, but nevertheless, it is quite recognizable.

From mural painting, illustrated album, textbooks, poetry, textile design, advertising illustration, logo design, comic and graphic novel.

I was part of the Professional Association of Illustrators in Madrid for some years, curating exhibitions and coordinating social gatherings.

I passed discreetly through the audiovisual world, directing part of an experimental short film with Manuel Menchón, in 2010.


In my facet as a teacher, I developed teaching methodologies that were in disuse, adapted to the aquatic environment. From infancy to Vocational Training, at the Colegio Gredos San Diego Las Suertes, in Madrid until 2014. Always defending the creation of positive stimuli (through teamwork and play) and the autonomy of the child in the water. Running away from directed patterns and using creativity as an essential motor.

This way of working in the water is closely linked to my way of painting, of creating and growing as an artist and as a person.


In 2015 I received the Edelvives Patopollo Prize, designed by Mascota in Matadero, Madrid.

And in 2018 the Fnac-Salamandra Graphic International Graphic Novel Prize with my first autobiographical work Where are you?


From here I continue drawing, painting my life and the things that surround me, disturb me, thrill me or move me inside.